Whole Body Cryotherapy: Your First Visit

Whole body cryotherapy seems to be all the rage lately, and for good reason; it offers a wealth of benefits, from weight loss to pain relief. If you are thinking about experiencing whole body cryotherapy yourself, but you are a little apprehensive because you don’t know what to expect, here’s a look at what your fist visit will be like.

Fill Out Paperwork

During your first long island cryotherapy session, the first thing you will do is fill out some paperwork. You will have to fill out a form that highlights your current health and any health conditions that you may have. This will allow the team to determine if your current health state is well-suited for cryotherapy treatments. Additionally, you will be asked to indicate any areas where you may be feeling any pain or discomfort. This will allow the team to keep track of your progress with each additional treatment, should you decide to continue with further sessions.

Overview of Your Treatment

After you have filled out your paperwork, you will receive a complete overview of the treatment process. A member of the cryotherapy team will fully explain to you what you can expect, how the treatment will work and what you will do. They will also address any questions or concerns that you may have before your treatment begins.

Preparing for Treatment

Before your treatment begins, you will need to get ready. Getting ready is pretty simple and straightforward:

  • You will undress in a locker room and be provided with a robe, as well as protective booties and gloves.
  • You will put the robe and the protective booties and gloves on

And that’s pretty much it for preparation. Do remember that you can keep some clothing on, but the less clothing that you wear, the better. Also, if you decide to keep articles of clothing on, your best bet is to wear tight-fitting items, such as compression shorts and sports bras.

Treatment Begins

Once you have changed, you will enter the whole body huntington cryotherapy chamber, where you will remove your robe, and your treatment will begin. Your head will be above the rim of the chamber the entire time, so there is no need to worry about being closed in. You will be in the chamber for a maximum of three minutes for your first session; however, you are not required to stay in the entire time. The door is never locked, so if you wish to exit, you can easily do so. Also, a member of the staff will be present with you the entire time. If you have any questions or concerns, or you want the session to end, simply ask.


After your nassau county cryotherapy session, you will step out of the chamber and put your clothing back on. You may feel tingly after the session, and this feeling can last for a while. Don’t worry! It’s not uncomfortable; most people say that the feeling is slight pins and needles. You can also expect a surge in energy after your session, which can last for several hours or an entire day.

If you have any questions about whole body cryotherapy, please don’t hesitate ask! We are here to answer any and all questions that you may have, and to ensure your experience is as enjoyable and rewarding as possible.